A new life

For everyone there comes a day when we realize that the life we would like to live doesn’t match in some aspects with the one we are currently in and that time is going by so fast that we feel like we are piling up a huge lot of missed chances and regrets.

For someone this moment arrives in the middle age when you cannot hide behind the excuse of having all the time ahead but you cannot say that the game is over and there is no more space for new things to happen.

In short this is what occurred to me; it took years of information, experiences, of human and non human acquantainces but overall it required the need to value one self.

If I truly believe that I deserve to sit well in my life but I do not take any action toward this goal maybe I am telling myself a story I do not even believe and trust me, if you do not believe in you none else will do it.

Sbam! This was the first slap on my face. Being responsible for my life did not mean having a job and a home but putting myself in a condition where I was happy of waking up in the morning, no matter what is going on (this is still in progress, for your reference).

I said to myself: “If I spend all my time complaining about what’s wrong, what have I got left to invest in those actions that bring joy to my life?”

Is it all around time management? Not exactly, but feeling the need of making sense of one’s days can be the start for a change in direction, radically for someone.

I dreamt of living on the seaside instead of in the middle of the countryside in a town which I love from the bottom of my heart and which gave me a lot; so what? Here I am now experiencing a new way of positively using my time with the hope that it brings some comfort to you as well.

This blog is not going to be my memoires (lucky you!) but a space for sharing all those inputs that helped me to make me happy everyday a little more.

We’ll be talking of emotions, of relationships, of spirituality but also of interesting companies, of products, of food and cooking and of life with the aim to touch all the different aspects of our staying here on Gaia.

If you wish to share your journey, feel free to do that. We will be happy of reading your comments.

Meanwhile thank you so much for reading and bye for now!


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