Hello world!

Rosangela and Carlotta are two friends who met by chance some time ago and their friendship has brought them to share their path to self knowing and their vision of this world finding out that both were sensitive to values as respect and love for animals and for the Earth, passion for culture and any kind of art and esthetics in general.

First we started to talk about our points of view about lifestyle, house and time management and we found out that we value in many cases the same aspects.

So we thought that a space where to share our experiences and our tips that help improving quality life was a good idea to make and this is how this blog is born and it is dedicated to all humans who are in love with this amazing planet and with themselves and are looking for living modern times with an eye on the legacy of the past which duly updated may still end up being helpful and effective.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy with us this journey and that you will be sharing with us opinions and points of view.

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