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You certainly have understood from the other piece of today that this blog is a place where we can feel less lonely in  case this is a moment in our life when we are confused at times.

I personally know how it feels: a sneaky sharp stream of electricity under the surface that loudly declares that something has to change, something important and we listen to that having no clue of what this is about.

So we start looking around asking ourselves if it’s our family, our relations, our home, our town, our job without really defining what the hell needs to change.

Maybe the answer is the attitude. The need of controlling and that attachment to habits that make us feel safe but dull our sparkle inside at the same time.

“When the student is ready, the teacher comes”. This phrase came to me by someone I greatly value and it is a clarification of the situation.

Maybe the core of it all is not checking and finding out what needs to mutate but the acceptance that change is the only constant in life.

We are continuously subject to change, also at a physical level. Our chemical components, our cells, our shape are always under mutation and there is no way we can stop the process.

I know that it’s easier said than done that it’s good to let it go and to go with the flow but if there was no challenge there would be also no honor in victory, don’t you think?

And what if actually, beyond our understanding, the plan in which we move was so big we have no chance of understanding it and less than that controlling it?

And what if the real change starts with the belief that life is benevolent towards us and even more if we could let it drive us instead of trying to lead the way?

And what if the trick is to trust our instinct regardless of any past experience?

And what if what we have ahead was out of our imagination and therefore attractive and scary at the same time as the roller coaster? And knowing this we would anyway decide that it might be the last thing we do in life but we want to enjoy it every minute?

And what if managing our days was less interesting that trusting impulses?

And what if… And what if…

Go on with this list on your own, while I take some time for mine as well.

Leave your thoughts in the comments: we will be happy of reading them and answer.

Thank you for your time and affection.

Bye for now!

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