Ernestine Shepherd: the role model

Today I want to talk to you about a person who I “met” this morning for the first time and whose story has impressed and moved me in deep.

Her name is Ernestine Shepherd: a 80-year-old lady who entered in the Guinness of Records for winning a body building contest at the age of 71.

Do you want to know her secret? She thinks that age is just a number and that what most matters in life is finding out what excites us and do it every day.

I was very impressed by her attitude and her appearance. Her shape is remarkable and she said that what she loves most about her life is helping people to be healthy and to love themselves regardless of the age.

I almost forgot to tell you that today Ernestine is a fitness teacher with a waiting list for her lessons and her participants say almost as one voice that her role model and her optimism are inspiring to them and that she gave them the sprint and the instruments for making considerable changes in their lives and in their emotional and physical state.

What can I add? It is comforting to see this lady who says innocent and candid that her secret is loving life and people.

Ernestine is what for me is a master. Someone who never makes you feel inadequate or who needs to put you down by highlighting her success but someone who sees your potential and helps you see it in yourself.

Since I watched her interview at the Dr.Oz’s Show I have not been able to stop thinking about this extraordinary lady.

She has it all and although it might seem weird that she gets up at 2.30 a.m. for breakfast and jogging with a light on her front band.

This has all started when she was 56 proving what she says about the age and which kind and quality of resources a human being can find when applying self love and discipline.

Ernestine Shepherd is my new super heroin, no doubt.

I commit to myself to remind me about her story every time I think about my age and I feel uncomfortable with any aspect of my life.

I do not know her personally but I thank her for motivating me in this moment of my existence.

If you want to know more about her, you can find many videos on Youtube.

And what about you?

Is there anyone who inspires you in the present or in the past?

Tell us in the comments. We will be pleased of reading them.

Bye for now!

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