Cycles and recycles

Good morning, everyone and happy 2017, since this is the first piece I write this year.


Today, Jan,20th, many of you may have noticed that the energy after the 111 portal of yesterday is definitely different. We are surrounded by a lighter atmosphere which brings more hope compared to the previous few days.

I hope that this comforting tone of the day is present for many of you too who have decided to spend some time reading my thoughts.

You might have noticed that this piece is called cycles and recycles and there is a reason for that. This morning I woke up first with a song in my head speaking about Earth angels and second with the conviction that accepting anything less than what your heart truly desired is counterproductive.

It happens sometimes that we desire something fiercely and strongly and this something has certain features. We want this thing to happen and we cuddle this dream, we define all details and we daydream about the emotions and the feeling of it at least until we realize that it takes time to come true.

Nothing brings more discouragement that  days going by without no apparent slightest change: all doubts and compromises come from here.

Today, with the restoration of a pretty long sleep I ripe the fruits of new understandings which have been helped and encouraged by the light which came from the yesterday’s portal (I would recommend you, if you wish, to always accept these inputs, otherwise they will slip on you without really touching).

There is only one more energetic portal this month which brought us actually four and this day is the 28th (2+8=10 which is 1 in numerology, while 2+0+1+7=10 as well) so if you are willing to make a step toward your fully deserved fulfillment and happiness it is a good idea to welcome this good changing new energy.

Thinking about these 4 portals of January, month 1 of a year 1, I have decided the title of this piece.

I have seen in these days that there are situations, thoughts and opinions about ourselves which come and go seemingly following fixed cycles until we do not change our point of view on them. The energetic portal are chances to open up to new horizons and therefore help breaking these cycles transforming our path from a circle to a spiral toward the sky, where for sky I mean the very best version of ourselves, that one which corresponds more to our authentic essence.

There are many ways to access to these chance of new perspectives and they are all good just as all roads bring to Rome : this is the beauty of the human being in all his possible facets which make the journey absolutely unique, unrepeatable and absolutely personal.

Toda is a day for feeling amazement and gratitude and for cuddling your unlimited dreams as you would do with the most valuable things you can think of. The mind is going to tell you that you need to face the reality and that life is made by compromises. You reply:”No, thanks. I am here to excel not to be average”.

I wish you all the best!


P.S. If you want to know more you can read here:


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