Happy Sunday guys!

I know I have been away for a few weeks, but I started a new job and this has made my days rather busy.

I am very grateful for this opportunity life is offering, but I am out many hours a day as well and ladies know what  I am talking about when you work full time but you have a house to hold.

I have a word in my mind in these days that has been inspired by the latest fabric collection of the company I work with: Crossroads.

It’s amazing how sometimes turning right instead of left is enough to encounter unexpected wonderful scenarios.

This has made me think about the fact that if you do not trust the universe at least a little, every deviation from the path may seem annoying and scary, since it pushes us to exit a well known land that we know well, although we have a lot to complain about it.

Many years in my life I have been frightened by changes because convinced that things were headed to get worse anyway and that the bad known life was better than the unknown that was launching sparkles of potential contentment.

Happiness for me was out of hand: peace and stability would have been enough for me as a goal.

How wrong  I was! When you are trapped in a life you dislike which you do not know how to escape it is surely difficult even conceiving the idea that something better is waiting for you to grab it.

That’s what faith is: being firmly convinced that happiness, that one that make your heart overflow is possible, close and our birth right, regardless of any circumstance.

Only when I started a change of point of view, pointing outwards instead than on my belly, I found out that there are some thoughts and behaviors that support happiness coming and staying in our lives.

It took the right books, the right friends, the right Youtubers and all the help the Universe sent me and that I accepted. Conclusion: you can heal from pessimism and this opens up to a lot of possible paths that turn from unconceivable to possible.

Finally, I understood that gratitude for what you have and the blind trust in what you deserve, open doors to an inimaginable abundance that comes from unexpected ways, always reaching you somehow.

I am comfortable now with myself and my life and I wish from my heart for every being in this universe to feel the same: fulfilled, taken care, protected and guided by hand.

Very happy Sunday to all of you and till the next piece!

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