Happy Sunday guys!

I know I have been away for a few weeks, but I started a new job and this has made my days rather busy.

I am very grateful for this opportunity life is offering, but I am out many hours a day as well and ladies know what  I am talking about when you work full time but you have a house to hold.

I have a word in my mind in these days that has been inspired by the latest fabric collection of the company I work with: Crossroads.

It’s amazing how sometimes turning right instead of left is enough to encounter unexpected wonderful scenarios.

This has made me think about the fact that if you do not trust the universe at least a little, every deviation from the path may seem annoying and scary, since it pushes us to exit a well known land that we know well, although we have a lot to complain about it.

Many years in my life I have been frightened by changes because convinced that things were headed to get worse anyway and that the bad known life was better than the unknown that was launching sparkles of potential contentment.

Happiness for me was out of hand: peace and stability would have been enough for me as a goal.

How wrong  I was! When you are trapped in a life you dislike which you do not know how to escape it is surely difficult even conceiving the idea that something better is waiting for you to grab it.

That’s what faith is: being firmly convinced that happiness, that one that make your heart overflow is possible, close and our birth right, regardless of any circumstance.

Only when I started a change of point of view, pointing outwards instead than on my belly, I found out that there are some thoughts and behaviors that support happiness coming and staying in our lives.

It took the right books, the right friends, the right Youtubers and all the help the Universe sent me and that I accepted. Conclusion: you can heal from pessimism and this opens up to a lot of possible paths that turn from unconceivable to possible.

Finally, I understood that gratitude for what you have and the blind trust in what you deserve, open doors to an inimaginable abundance that comes from unexpected ways, always reaching you somehow.

I am comfortable now with myself and my life and I wish from my heart for every being in this universe to feel the same: fulfilled, taken care, protected and guided by hand.

Very happy Sunday to all of you and till the next piece!

Cycles and recycles

Good morning, everyone and happy 2017, since this is the first piece I write this year.


Today, Jan,20th, many of you may have noticed that the energy after the 111 portal of yesterday is definitely different. We are surrounded by a lighter atmosphere which brings more hope compared to the previous few days.

I hope that this comforting tone of the day is present for many of you too who have decided to spend some time reading my thoughts.

You might have noticed that this piece is called cycles and recycles and there is a reason for that. This morning I woke up first with a song in my head speaking about Earth angels and second with the conviction that accepting anything less than what your heart truly desired is counterproductive.

It happens sometimes that we desire something fiercely and strongly and this something has certain features. We want this thing to happen and we cuddle this dream, we define all details and we daydream about the emotions and the feeling of it at least until we realize that it takes time to come true.

Nothing brings more discouragement that  days going by without no apparent slightest change: all doubts and compromises come from here.

Today, with the restoration of a pretty long sleep I ripe the fruits of new understandings which have been helped and encouraged by the light which came from the yesterday’s portal (I would recommend you, if you wish, to always accept these inputs, otherwise they will slip on you without really touching).

There is only one more energetic portal this month which brought us actually four and this day is the 28th (2+8=10 which is 1 in numerology, while 2+0+1+7=10 as well) so if you are willing to make a step toward your fully deserved fulfillment and happiness it is a good idea to welcome this good changing new energy.

Thinking about these 4 portals of January, month 1 of a year 1, I have decided the title of this piece.

I have seen in these days that there are situations, thoughts and opinions about ourselves which come and go seemingly following fixed cycles until we do not change our point of view on them. The energetic portal are chances to open up to new horizons and therefore help breaking these cycles transforming our path from a circle to a spiral toward the sky, where for sky I mean the very best version of ourselves, that one which corresponds more to our authentic essence.

There are many ways to access to these chance of new perspectives and they are all good just as all roads bring to Rome : this is the beauty of the human being in all his possible facets which make the journey absolutely unique, unrepeatable and absolutely personal.

Toda is a day for feeling amazement and gratitude and for cuddling your unlimited dreams as you would do with the most valuable things you can think of. The mind is going to tell you that you need to face the reality and that life is made by compromises. You reply:”No, thanks. I am here to excel not to be average”.

I wish you all the best!


P.S. If you want to know more you can read here:


Ernestine Shepherd: the role model

Today I want to talk to you about a person who I “met” this morning for the first time and whose story has impressed and moved me in deep.

Her name is Ernestine Shepherd: a 80-year-old lady who entered in the Guinness of Records for winning a body building contest at the age of 71.

Do you want to know her secret? She thinks that age is just a number and that what most matters in life is finding out what excites us and do it every day.

I was very impressed by her attitude and her appearance. Her shape is remarkable and she said that what she loves most about her life is helping people to be healthy and to love themselves regardless of the age.

I almost forgot to tell you that today Ernestine is a fitness teacher with a waiting list for her lessons and her participants say almost as one voice that her role model and her optimism are inspiring to them and that she gave them the sprint and the instruments for making considerable changes in their lives and in their emotional and physical state.

What can I add? It is comforting to see this lady who says innocent and candid that her secret is loving life and people.

Ernestine is what for me is a master. Someone who never makes you feel inadequate or who needs to put you down by highlighting her success but someone who sees your potential and helps you see it in yourself.

Since I watched her interview at the Dr.Oz’s Show I have not been able to stop thinking about this extraordinary lady.

She has it all and although it might seem weird that she gets up at 2.30 a.m. for breakfast and jogging with a light on her front band.

This has all started when she was 56 proving what she says about the age and which kind and quality of resources a human being can find when applying self love and discipline.

Ernestine Shepherd is my new super heroin, no doubt.

I commit to myself to remind me about her story every time I think about my age and I feel uncomfortable with any aspect of my life.

I do not know her personally but I thank her for motivating me in this moment of my existence.

If you want to know more about her, you can find many videos on Youtube.

And what about you?

Is there anyone who inspires you in the present or in the past?

Tell us in the comments. We will be pleased of reading them.

Bye for now!

A new life

For everyone there comes a day when we realize that the life we would like to live doesn’t match in some aspects with the one we are currently in and that time is going by so fast that we feel like we are piling up a huge lot of missed chances and regrets.

For someone this moment arrives in the middle age when you cannot hide behind the excuse of having all the time ahead but you cannot say that the game is over and there is no more space for new things to happen.

In short this is what occurred to me; it took years of information, experiences, of human and non human acquantainces but overall it required the need to value one self.

If I truly believe that I deserve to sit well in my life but I do not take any action toward this goal maybe I am telling myself a story I do not even believe and trust me, if you do not believe in you none else will do it.

Sbam! This was the first slap on my face. Being responsible for my life did not mean having a job and a home but putting myself in a condition where I was happy of waking up in the morning, no matter what is going on (this is still in progress, for your reference).

I said to myself: “If I spend all my time complaining about what’s wrong, what have I got left to invest in those actions that bring joy to my life?”

Is it all around time management? Not exactly, but feeling the need of making sense of one’s days can be the start for a change in direction, radically for someone.

I dreamt of living on the seaside instead of in the middle of the countryside in a town which I love from the bottom of my heart and which gave me a lot; so what? Here I am now experiencing a new way of positively using my time with the hope that it brings some comfort to you as well.

This blog is not going to be my memoires (lucky you!) but a space for sharing all those inputs that helped me to make me happy everyday a little more.

We’ll be talking of emotions, of relationships, of spirituality but also of interesting companies, of products, of food and cooking and of life with the aim to touch all the different aspects of our staying here on Gaia.

If you wish to share your journey, feel free to do that. We will be happy of reading your comments.

Meanwhile thank you so much for reading and bye for now!


Let’s start

You certainly have understood from the other piece of today that this blog is a place where we can feel less lonely in  case this is a moment in our life when we are confused at times.

I personally know how it feels: a sneaky sharp stream of electricity under the surface that loudly declares that something has to change, something important and we listen to that having no clue of what this is about.

So we start looking around asking ourselves if it’s our family, our relations, our home, our town, our job without really defining what the hell needs to change.

Maybe the answer is the attitude. The need of controlling and that attachment to habits that make us feel safe but dull our sparkle inside at the same time.

“When the student is ready, the teacher comes”. This phrase came to me by someone I greatly value and it is a clarification of the situation.

Maybe the core of it all is not checking and finding out what needs to mutate but the acceptance that change is the only constant in life.

We are continuously subject to change, also at a physical level. Our chemical components, our cells, our shape are always under mutation and there is no way we can stop the process.

I know that it’s easier said than done that it’s good to let it go and to go with the flow but if there was no challenge there would be also no honor in victory, don’t you think?

And what if actually, beyond our understanding, the plan in which we move was so big we have no chance of understanding it and less than that controlling it?

And what if the real change starts with the belief that life is benevolent towards us and even more if we could let it drive us instead of trying to lead the way?

And what if the trick is to trust our instinct regardless of any past experience?

And what if what we have ahead was out of our imagination and therefore attractive and scary at the same time as the roller coaster? And knowing this we would anyway decide that it might be the last thing we do in life but we want to enjoy it every minute?

And what if managing our days was less interesting that trusting impulses?

And what if… And what if…

Go on with this list on your own, while I take some time for mine as well.

Leave your thoughts in the comments: we will be happy of reading them and answer.

Thank you for your time and affection.

Bye for now!

Hello world!

Rosangela and Carlotta are two friends who met by chance some time ago and their friendship has brought them to share their path to self knowing and their vision of this world finding out that both were sensitive to values as respect and love for animals and for the Earth, passion for culture and any kind of art and esthetics in general.

First we started to talk about our points of view about lifestyle, house and time management and we found out that we value in many cases the same aspects.

So we thought that a space where to share our experiences and our tips that help improving quality life was a good idea to make and this is how this blog is born and it is dedicated to all humans who are in love with this amazing planet and with themselves and are looking for living modern times with an eye on the legacy of the past which duly updated may still end up being helpful and effective.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy with us this journey and that you will be sharing with us opinions and points of view.